I loved the beauty of Montana but have to admit that the "cold and snow" finally got to me.  It was those -20 degree and 1 1/2 feet of snow days to was the catalyst for my move back to Tucson where I had lived for nearly eight years. Of course, the Southwest provides me with even a great palette for my photography art.  I love Tucson.

Please enjoy my photos and contact me if you have any further questions. My personal email is:  waltsnover@gmail.com

A little about me. . .

During that time I was also very active in scholastic journalism throughout the State of Washington. I served on the Executive Board of the Washington Journalism Education Association for over five years including two years as the organization's President and Assistant Director for the University of Washington's weeklong summer workshop for high school students and advisers.

Although I actually left the classroom in 1985, my new career with a yearbook publishing company kept me up-to-date with scholastic journalism and the new age of digital photography. I was still very active teaching photography to students and teachers for nearly 27 years across the Central and Western U.S.

My photography career began over 50 years ago with my interest in the world I live in. I have to thank the US Army for my early training. I was an information specialist in the US Army at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN as well as the Pentagon After my military career, I went on to earn my BA from the University of Washington in print journalism along with my Washington State Teaching Certificate.

From there I sent on to teach photography to high school students at Enumclaw High School in Enumclaw, Washington. Okay, I have to admit that it was almost self-preservation for me since I also advised the school's newspaper and yearbook. For over 12 years my greatest achievement was to see the photos that students were able to produce in this black and white film photography course which also taught darkroom skills to my students. It was amazingly gratifying to see the work of my students published for all to see and to see the pride the students shared with their peers.


Walt R. Snover


Following my career in yearbook publishing I moved to Bozeman, Montana to take advantage of the amazing landscape as well as opportunities to be near the beauty of nature and the wildlife so wonderfully available in this gorgeous area near the Gallatin Valley and both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Park. I have to thank my brother, Chuck Snover, for the opportunity provided me to volunteer with the Yellowstone Association in their information office in Gardiner, Montana for one amazing summer. It was a unique and once in a lifetime experience for me.